Reading Record : Dark Lover

Dark Lover: A Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood
Dark Lover: A Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood

Period: 14.June.2010-10.June19 2010 (6days)
Category: Paranormal (Vampire)

Total Recommends: ★★★★☆

story: ★★★☆☆
hot?: ★★★★★ very hot!


After I took Eiken 1-kyu, I was just so tired and needed to read some non-stop story. I read in some site this novel has passion, speed, wild etc..


I like vampire story, (a couple weeks ago, when I turn on TV, the movie “Van Helsinki” was on air and I could not help watching it.
Last year I was engrossed in “Twilight”, and then I finished reading that series of hour books almost within 2months.


The story was very different from Twilight. Those books are for teenagers, but this book is for adult women, I thought. Very deep, very hot, sometimes voluptuous. On the other hand, this is paranormal story, so it was like watching a movie or comic books. But it is still worth reading because I could not stop reading due to its sexy, dangerous hero and heroine. Now I am reading the volume 2.


In this book, English is quite colloquial, and then I sometimes couldn’t follow their conversation, especially, the vampire’s macho words or some slang. But I could still enjoy.


The only negative point is its cover page. I could not carry this book without book wrapper. Also, while I was reading a very hot scene, I was a bit embarrassed because usually I was reading it at café, public space.

ちと恥ずかしい。 But it is good for learners.