The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Millenium)

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Author:Stieg Larsson
Category:Crime (modern age)

Priod: 28.June.2010 - 10.July 2010 (13days)

Total Recommends: ★★★★★

story: ★★★★★
adult : ★★★★☆

This book is the first installment of trilogy; two main characters will solve the  murder case that happened almost 40 years ago. The book itself was written in         Swedish, (first, I thought the author wrote this in English because Swedish and use English quite fluently, often more accurate than native user.) but actually translated to English, thus many say it is easy to read.

The murder itself is quite psychotic but the author described them in a calm and reassuring way, which I felt this story is something. I am not good at too much psychotic and sadomasochistic one
, but I could not stop reading.

Until middle part of the book, three parts episodes go on respectively, then from the middle part, I promise you can’t stop. The most brilliant thing was how to solve, find the evidence. I really had some fun delving into this mystery.

First I expected this story is more Nazi-related story, still important roll it was, but it was not a main topic.

Unfortunately, I read an article in TIME magazine this author passed away by hart attack while he was writing his fourth story. He was about 50 years old! It is said that he intended to write and plotted around 10 more stories, which is pity. I will read his other two books soon, but I really wanted him to write more.

II also watched this film, however, the novel is much much brilliant. The film emphasized the psycho, lack of depiction its intelligence.